About Me

Digital Strategist for Entrepreneurs

I'm James Blute. I work alongside entrepreneurs and ambitious start-ups to help create compelling and profitable online marketing strategies that generate the best quality leads and clients even if they aren't natural born marketers or sales people.

Thanks for checking out this page. Did you know that for most service based businesses; the "About" page is the most visited web page after the homepage? Perhaps something to think about?

My background includes over seventeen years combined experience within the financial and retail sectors. This provides a solid foundation in direct sales and customer insight.

Do people like you? Do they like your business? On the surface, these seem very simplistic questions, but they are two of the most important. Take two seemingly similar online businesses, why does one massively out perform the other? Emotional Connection + Conversation = Conversion.

It's easy to forget when marketing online that on the other side of the screen is a person with limited time, wants and needs. The most effective approach in all my strategies is transposing the human interaction you would find in a retail store into the online world.

How Can I Help?

As a fellow business owner, I can appreciate the time frustrations that come with balancing the operational side of your business; whilst also maintaining, developing and fine tuning a clear and focused online strategy.

I will work with you tirelessly to help create and implement a step by step strategy that REALLY works, leaving you free to focus on the front end of your business...

"a-ha" moments guaranteed.

Click the following link to learn how we can work together.

Speak soon,